The Changing Seasons Of Motherhood

"Flow" ... is a word I find really helpful as a mother. It reminds me, immediately, to be unattached to my children and their lives - not fixed, or fixated upon - but flowing and moving along with their growth and development.

When I look back on my years as a mother, going through pregnancy, childbirth, and from children growing through childhood to young adulthood, I have experienced much in this context. I have had a certain type of experience which is valuable to me. I have grown in my skillset and continue to change. My life is so much richer because I have chosen to include other lives as part of my own. Emotional pain and grief have come when I have resisted the flow, or had to face the reality

of life transitions, but thankfully I have floated past these and learnt to expand my perspective and realise that we are each a life in our own right. And my childrens' lives are their own creation and they are entitled to spend them as they see fit.

Peacefulness comes now when I remember that I am responsible for my own life, and as my children have grown they are responsible for theirs. Helping them be peaceful, joyful and competent from within themselves, and valuing each other, is my clarity.

Now that my two eldest are 23 and 21 and my youngest is 12, I sense a new phase/a season of change. I draw on what I have learnt this far and open my heart to what will come. I remain steady with my feet on the ground and strong in my heart's good intention.

I will remember to flow as I come face to face with my own preconceptions and the inevitable "boulders in the river" and try to be a nourishing and cohesive force, flowing forward in my own life, investing my energy in new creations, and continuing to be present and supportive of the lives of those around me.