Self-Reflection in Lockdown

Staying close to home offers an important opportunity for self-reflection and to take stock of life in general in terms of lifestyle, work, health and relationships.

Artwork by Kenu Parker

There is great value in checking how we are steering our life and that we are spending our days on what we really feel is needed or important. This requires a lack of distraction, and the inability to do as much as we usually do provides this trimmed down activity.

Reassessing isn't easy work - it can often be unsettling - but definitely worth it! Because we are choosing how we spend each day of our lives, and if we have children we are influencing their lives too.

Each time there is a lockdown I am practising inner focus and focus on home and those very close to me. What am I truly grateful for and what will I make of what I have and what I can do?

Sending peaceful and kind thoughts to everyone as we navigate life at the moment in 2021.