May 2022

Early Winter

New Moon: 1st May

First Quarter: 9th May

Full Moon: 16th May

Third Quarter: 23rd May

The weather is turning cold and the mornings are misty. Cobwebs are very visible in the morning, strung across plants and structures, with dew hanging like jewels. The Eastern Spinebill birds have come back into the garden at the moment and sparrows and blackbirds are busy as always. We are planting green vegetables as cover crops or using mulch for our garden beds. We have picked the last of our harvest of figs, climbing beans, tomatoes and apples. The avocadoes are still bountiful on the tree and broccoli, silverbeet and beetroot have been planted for cool weather crops. Looking forward to warm soups and stews and homemade sourdough bread.

Photograph by: Lani Worth