June 2022

Early Winter

New Moon: 30th May

First Quarter: 8th June

Full Moon: 14th June

Third Quarter: 21st June

The cold is here and there have been heavy, drenching rains and serious winds. Bushwalking reveals that it is all about the fungi at the moment, with so many different types of mushrooms showing themselves in all their varying shapes, textures and colours - they really are magical and mystical. The yellow-breasted robins were in good number in the Uralla Nature Reserve the other day. Meanwhile, the vegetable garden has gone quiet save for the abundant flat-leafed parsley, rocket and silverbeet. The colours in the blueberry bushes are glorious shades of pink and purple! The autumn colours of golds, reds and oranges are still aflame in so many trees around Gippsland. We are still able to enjoy their beauty for a little while longer. But it feels like we are approaching hibernation... It is definitely weather for warm soups and casseroles.

Photograph by: Lani Worth