August 2022

Macalister River and Licola valley

Winter - "Rest"

New Moon: 29th July - in Pushya Nakshatra and the sign of Cancer

First Quarter: 5th Aug

Full Moon: 12th Aug

Third Quarter: 19th Aug

There is an unusual spring-like atmosphere some days recently with warm temperature, and some trees are budding with flower like the Magnolia and Prunus trees around town. The Blackbirds are very busy in the garden and Eastern Spinebills are happy gathering nectar from the Grevillea. But there are very cold temperatures too and sharp, drying air during early mornings and at night. The rhubarb leaves felt icy cold in the garden this morning. On the 29th July, the ground is sodden from soaking rains during the last few days. This meant that on a Sunday outing to Licola we saw the Macalister River flowing well, and Lake Glenmaggie impressive in its vast expanse of water.

The broccoli is flourishing in the garden and avocadoes are still bountiful on the trees. Daikon radish and spinach are growing well. The crop of mandarins has been bountiful and they taste delicious this year!

Nature beckons us to turn within and go slow, rest and restore in the warmth. In this way we prepare and re-energise ready for Spring.

Photo by Lani Worth