April 2022


New Moon: 1st April

First Quarter: 9th April

Full Moon: 17th April

Third Quarter: 23rd April

Cooler temperatures and crisp air are a welcome contrast to the heat of summer. Leaves are changing to beautiful colours of deep reds, oranges and yellows. We enjoy beautiful days and cool nights. Making our sourdough bread is my husband's fortnightly ritual. It is a nice accompaniment to a warm bowl of homemade soup or a casserole. There are still plenty of avocadoes on our trees. Beans are still quite abundant, as is the parsley. Ancestral foods have relevance to the genetic cellular memory in our body and will often have a nourishing effect upon us. For me personally this is fresh coconut, and so I am making a point of buying a fresh coconut and scraping it to squeeze the milk on my rice and vegetables. I get deep nourishment from this choice.