Teaching Circles

This is a group format for a small circle of women to learn and discuss self-awareness and daily practice.

Four themes are covered over four months (you can do 1 or all 4):


Month 1:  Who am I in my wholeness?

We consider our physical energetic type and inner nature using Ayurveda and Jyotish principles.  We will consider our expressive nature and use the Mansions of the Moon (the Vedic Nakshatra or lunar zodiac) as a framework for understanding our personal psychology.   We will focus on wholeness and inherent strengths, and the value our individual nature can provide.

Month 2:  What keeps me well?

​We consider our physical energetic type and inner nature and then look at balancing principles using Ayurvedic and Jyotish principles and natural law.   Practical strategies with regard to food, exercise, rest, expression and purpose come into play.  We notice how nourishment and meaning is different for each of us.

Month 3:  What is meaningful to me?

We consider what makes life feel meaningful to us personally and why.  We reflect on keeping life in context and how we must create a life within the boundary of our nature and what keeps our body well.  We think about how we might take action towards choosing or creating a life that is personally meaningful.

Month 4:  Motherhood boundaries and family.

The Vedic healing system and natural law offer us truth about relationship dynamics and what helps nature to flourish.  We consider some important ways to use our focus and energy, and the impact it has between mothers and children.  We look closely at our role as mother and how we can respect our natural boundaries and navigate the emotional tides and flow forward in our life.

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1st Saturday of the month

2 pm to 4 pm

$50 per person, per circle

(paid on attendance)

(maximum 8 mothers)

Comfortable setting indoors
with supper provided.

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