Didi Worth
Mother, Creative, Ayurvedic Health Educator & Guide

        Despite our best intentions and deep efforts as a mother, our children may still feel expectation, disapproval or failure.  I know this to be true myself as one of four children.  My experience has been that understanding my own nature and perspective on life goes a long way to supporting harmonious family relationships.

        Ayurveda, Jyotish and Yoga have been transformative for my healing as a woman, daughter, and as a mother.  They support my physical well-being and my inner harmony.  I am sharing how I apply them to daily living in the hope that you may benefit from them as well.

        With Blue Sparrow I provide self-learning resources and personal guidance to support you in your self-awareness and self-care, using Ayurveda and Jyotish frameworks of understanding, and nature.  My focus is on our integration of principles and practice to create an outcome.

        My intention is to encourage you to value your own nature and be empowered to respond to your life experience with more self-trust, well-being, and creativity.

        My personal devotion is motherhood, and supporting our children according to their nature.  In this way, diversity is valued within the wholeness of nature and life.

        I look forward to walking with you and supporting you to create a life that is nourishing and meaningful for you, in connection with nature, and family.

        With kindness,


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My Story

Since 2004, the Vedic Healing system has been key to my personal physical and emotional healing, and profoundly helpful in my role as a mother nurturing three children.  It has provided tools to help me understand my children and my husband with more kindness and compassion, and most of all, it helps me cultivate a deeper sense of wholeness, inner harmony and creative choice with my own life.  I will be forever grateful for the practical wisdom and tools that Ayurveda, Jyotish and Yoga provide me.

In this context, I have been inspired to learn Ayurveda, Integral Vedic Counselling, Jyotish and Dharma more deeply.  I wish to share what I have found helpful and do what I can to support others with these tools.  My heart is with motherhood and providing support to other mothers, and leadership to our young people in self-awareness and self-care.

I rest firmly in my ancestral roots, blessed to come from two lineages that have rich Australian and Papua New Guinean cultural heritages.  My parents were united by an equal view of humanity, a practical spirituality to integrate meaning and the mundane, and a love for land, people and creative possibility.  I have been inspired by the story of my Auntie Talita who used the hibiscus plant to heal her elderly father's severe leg burns; by my mother's willingness to learn and use my father's cultural plant medicines and food; by the true warriors, family nurturers, farmers, community leaders, teachers and artists that run through my bloodlines.  I see strength in my roots.  And now I benefit from my husband and his family lineage and particularly, his mother's example with nature's healing.  My three sisters and my sister-in-law are also strong women who have been devoted to their chosen paths.


Most of all, I look upon each of my children's natures and notice their beauty, skill and strength, and it is my devotion to nourish their natures so that they can feel joy and strength within themselves and create a life that they each find nourishing and meaningful, personally and together as family.

My own healing journey has led me to this truth:  'The greatest assurance in life is to know my own body and nature, do what keeps me well, and use my energy on what I feel is important'.  I wish to support others in the same.



I would love to hear from you and offer support where I can.