Sharing Circles - How I feel!

This is a group format for a small circle of mothers to gather and support each other as we express and move feeling - an expression time for mothers.

You can share or listen without expectation.  We will reflect on how we are feeling and practice some simple body-centring methods including breathing practice, mantra, colour, words and story.  We will also discuss other simple ways to digest our emotions as we navigate the fullness of life.

The stages of motherhood are emotionally profound and we can all do with some space, time and support to feel held.  Having other mothers of all ages and stages of motherhood is a valuable community of women to have as support.

Our sharing will be focused around motherhood and personal well-being.

The intention here is for digestion of feeling and strengthening to flow forward.

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4th Saturday of the month

2 pm to 4 pm

$20 per person, per circle

(paid on attendance)

(maximum 10 mothers)

Comfortable setting indoors
with supper provided.