Lani and I

A Mother's Heart

Motherhood has been a profound experience and I am grateful.  This is my expression of support and encouragement to other mothers, fathers, and our children.

I care deeply about the health and well-being of our children, and about how positive and empowered they feel about life.  A deep sense of self and valuing our natural skills as a contribution, is the nourishment we all need.


As a mother of three children, now 23, 21 and 12, I am always invested in creating a future that is good for all of our children, and reminding them that they are vital players in the continued outcome of their Earth - they are responsible for their own future - and continue once we parents finish our life-times.  We are, each and every one of us, custodians of the Earth.

The way we live our daily life determines the quality of our life-time; we create our own life and we affect others.  A strong connection with nature through food, water, time spent outdoors in nature, using natural resources carefully, and cultivating meaningful relationships with other people, is essential for us all.  As my teacher, Dr. David Frawley says, "There is always a lot that we can do".

The intention of this website is to convey positive laws of living that I have found healing and helpful over the last 24 years and continue to do so.  I hope they give you some support and encouragement in your life.

May our words and actions be "for the better".

With kindness,


Children & Community:

Assistant with 3-person team, Healthy Eating programme, Warragul Primary School, 2019

Two-year joint facilitator of School Garden and cooking programme.

Two-year joint facilitator of Mother's Support Group, "Connections through Conversation".

Student of Vedic Sciences since 2004:

3-week Womb Shakti Course in 2020, Wise Earth School, Mother Maya Tiwari

300-hr Certificate, Foundation: Vedic Counseling, American Institute of Vedic Studies (Student of Dr. David Frawley)
300-hr Certificate, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, American Institute of Vedic Studies (Student of Dr. David Frawley)
Two-year personal research and learning on Jyotish, (Sources:  Dr. Frawley, Sam Geppi, Ryan Kurczak, Vic DiCara)
Participant, Kundalini Children's Yoga Workshop.

Songwriter & Vocalist

Solo album recording with friends, "Ananda" recorded at Neerim South Studios.

Island Sound and Iaramas family bands (performances in PNG and 2 album recordings)

Information Systems:

Qualified Senior Medical Transcriptionist, Sub-contractor to Hoxton MPM November 2019 to Present, OzeScribe 2 years
Self-employed 12 years, Partner in Database and Website Development business and Map Navigation Retail Shop

2 years Reception and IT Support, AUSLIG, Dandenong 1994 to 1996
Graduate of Bachelor of Computing (Information Systems), Monash University 1993